Terms & Conditions

All garments get washed, dried and ironed by 7CLaundryService's machinery. 7CLaundryService cannot be held responsible for any damage done by any of the machinery be it shrinkage of clothing, transfer of color from one garment to another nor any other form of damage thereto. 7CLaundryService is not responsible for garments labelled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only", and is not responsible for checking for these labels in client's garments. 7CLaundryService does not consent to the accuracy of any count sheet completed by the customer unless confirmed in writing by means of a signature and/or stamp by 7CLaundryService staff member on duty.  7CLaundryService will NOT be reliable for any missing or dammaged item/s.

Drop off and collection Times
7CLaundryService is not responsible for the customer failing to meet the scheduled drop off and collection times. If the customer is unable to meet the scheduled drop off and collection times, a new time must be set. 7CLaundryService has one hour from the scheduled drop off and collection times set by the customer to collect and or drop off the customers laundry. Same day collection and delivery is not possible after 2pm.

Subscription Billing 
I understand I'm enrolling in a monthly subscription program, and I authorize 7CLaundryService electronic signature to charge my credit card account the monthly amount each month, unless I cancel.