Because School Is Hard Enough....

Fact - College is more expensive and competitive than ever!

The Value of Time: With the climbing cost of higher education it is becoming even more important to maximize your opportunity to get the best grades possible. Now we can't make you smarter, but we can offer you more time, time to work on getting great grades.

It has been determined that with more then 30 weeks of school per year, a college student can spend more then 95 hours a year doing laundry.

It is our guess that most high school students did not do their own laundry.  So suddenly having to do your own wash isn't fun!  But, does anyone really enjoy doing laundry??? Using our service, you can rest assured your Mom will be happy because she will feel confident that you are taking good care of your clothes! We all know how much young adult's spend on their can cost thousands of dollars! Why not protect that investment?

Now the main goal of attending a university is to get a degree and then a job. That is important but colleges are taking the opportunity to fill your lives with more classes, group studies, lecture series, and involvement in campus organizations. Your student experience is more than just academics.

Let us give you back your time so that you can have the best all around college experience possible!

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Laundry Hassles For Students

Most universities have free laundry facilities but reasons it's a hassle to use the laundry rooms on campus include:
  • Waiting in line to do your laundry
  • Fellow students lack of respect or care for others' laundry
  • Your laundry could be stolen if you are not watchful
  • Dirty washers and dryers could stain your clothing items
  • Items that need hand wash or hang to dry may be a pain with roommates and hall mates
  • Campus washers and dryers are not reliable. They could break from excessive use and may take a couple of days to be fixed
  • The Cycle Never Ends
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