Laundry And Dry Cleaning Pick-Up & Delivery

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Do you hate doing laundry or making a special trip to the dry cleaner? Let 7C Laundry Service do it for you! We offer wash and fold and dry cleaning pickup and delivery services to individual customers, so you can check one more chore off your list.

7C Laundry Service will handle your laundry with great care—we'll separate whites, lights and darks and follow all care instructions listed on the clothing's tags. We never use low-cost bulk cleaning agents, just premium name-brands. After the clothes are washed and dried, we'll fold them neatly or hang them from hangers and wrap them in plastic to protect them until they're delivered to you with a smile.

Let us pickup your dry cleaning too! We partnered up with a great dry cleaner. With a Wash and Fold purchase we are able to pickup and delivery your dry cleaning at no extra charge. There is no reason to make a special trip to the dry cleaner any more.

Unlike other services that charge by the pound, we have simplified the process by using a small or large bag. The small bag can hold up to 20 pounds of dirty laundry while the large can hold 30 pounds.


Here's how the pricing works out:

Wash and Fold:
FREE Pick Up & Delivery

  • $19.99/small bag (1-2 loads)
  • $24.99/large bag (3-4 loads)
  • $49.99 small bag monthly (once/week)
  • $69.99 large bag monthly (once/week)

*The monthly service has a membership to make payment simple with recurring billing 

  • Next day return service
  • Additional bags can be purchased for $9.99

If you'd like nothing more than to have your dirty laundry whisked away and returned to you washed, dried and neatly folded, 7C Laundry Service can help.
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Separate Dry Cleaning & Wash And Fold

Please keep dry cleaning separate from wash and fold bag.  

Dry Cleaning

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FREE pickup and delivery with Wash & Fold purchase:

Delivery Fee without Wash and Fold: $5.99
 * 3 day turn around
  • $2.75 - Dress Shirt
  • $5.25 - Dress Pants
  • $5.75 - Blouse, Shirt, Blazer
  • $5.75 - Knit Shirt, Sweater
  • $5.75 - Jeans, Pants, Shorts, Skirts
  • $11 - Two Piece Suit
  • $11 - Regular Dress 
  • $28 - Formal Dress