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It Is All About Time! Or Lack Of...

In today's world everyone is always going 100 mph! No matter how hard we try, it's hard to keep up. Busy day-to-day schedules, upcoming deadlines and piles of work to take home, we fall short of hours in a day to delegate personal tasks.

Excellent Reviews

"They provided excellent customer service. My laundry was clean and neatly folded and returned timely as promised..."
Turning over your laundry duty to 7C laundry is one way to get back your valuable time. Customers love our service for the same reasons they love take out delivery for dinner and their landscapers keeping up with their yard.  Finding ways to get everything you need done with the limited time you have is not easy. All we do is laundry so the quality with which we take care of your precious garments is second to none. 

We are here to give you more Time!


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Simply pick a date & time for 7C Laundry Service to come to your home or work. Our service is from our door step to yours. Rest assured, your clothes will be ironed, steamed, folded, and ready to be worn anytime or any place. This eradicates the hassle associated with personal laundry time.
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Try examining your own expenses when you do the laundry and consider the costs.  The prices of the fabric softener, detergent, water consumption, and electricity all add up! You might as well throw in your time and effort too!  On the other hand, 7C Laundry Service charges a fair price of just a couple of dollars to do your laundry at the expense of your personal convenience. Choosing laundry services isn’t that bad, when you think of the advantages you may gain in the long run.
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Utilizing the services of 7C Laundry Services allows you to have quality time to spend on other important things, such as catching up on sleep or spending time with your loved ones. You might not have enough time in the day to do so considering your heavy work load but you can always make time now that you are using commercial laundry services!

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